Posted by: Mitch @ South Maui Homes | December 27, 2012

$130 Million Requested by Gov. Abercrombie For Kihei High School

Kihei High School Conceptual Site PlanKihei has been needing a high school even since I attended high school back in the 90s.  Now this story from a few year back about planning for a Kihei High School, might finally come to fruition. The location of the school is to be on the Mauka side of Piilani highway here.

Last month the environmental impact study was completed, and recently Governor Abercrombie has requested lawmakers to budget money, roughly $130 Million dollars for the construction of the school, as part of the 2 year fiscal budget.

Source [ Maui News ]



  1. […] the current Azeka Shopping center, and Piilani Village Center (Safeway).  With the addition of the new Kihei High School getting built in the same part of Kihei, the area around it definitely makes it an up and coming […]

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