Posted by: Mitch @ South Maui Homes | February 3, 2013

How Long Can I Use Out-of-State License Plates in Maui, Hawaii?

Seal of Maui County, Hawaii

Seal of Maui County, Hawaii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So “How long can I use my out-of-state license plates in Maui?”. Recently this question has been asked so I figured I’ll share the answer here for people in the future.  For Maui, according to the Maui County website you can use your out of state plates via a permit following these guidelines:

Out-Of-State-PermitYou may operate your recently arrived vehicle on Maui if it is currently registered in another state under the following conditions:

1. The vehicle is registered in your name.

2. A Hawaii safety check inspection from an authorized safety check station has been obtained.
3. An out-of-state vehicle permit from the Department of Motor Vehicle Registration within 30 days of its arrival on Maui is issued. To obtain the permit, submit the following:

* A completed out-of-state vehicle permit application form, MVR/DF53.
The current out-of-state certificate of registration.

* A bill of lading or shipping receipt which shows the date the vehicle arrived on Maui.

* The Hawaii Certificate Of Safety Check Inspection.

* $10.00 payment for the permit.

The out-of-state plates will be valid until their expiration date or for 12 months, whichever occurs first.

[ Source: Maui County Website ]

Also since its pertinent this list here what you need if you are switching your out-of-state car license plates to Hawaii license plates in the future.


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