Posted by: Mitch @ South Maui Homes | March 7, 2014

Where Are The Maui Farmers Markets?


Image Credit [ Maui Swap Meet – Flickr ]

Where is a good place to get fresh vegetables?  Where’s the farmer’s markets?  Where do I go to find local produce?  I want to support local farmers and buy directly from them!  I get asked these questions quite a bit from people wanting to move to Maui.  My best recommendation if you can’t get to these farmers markets or swapmeets is to go to Mana Foods in Paia.  They have an abundance of local produce, organic fruits and vegetables, and pretty much everything else that you need for a healthy lifestyle.

For the much more avid go-getting shoppers though, these are some lists of places to go to get those organic vegetables and fruits on Maui.  I was going to start up a list, but then I found a few good ones that have already been made so here they are:

Edible Communities Maui Farmers Market Schedule

Maui’s Farm Stands & Markets – A Directory

Maui is a fast growing community so if there’s something that’s not on the list of farmer’s markets in Maui feel free to comment and let others know!  What’s your favorite farmer’s market?


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