Posted by: Mitch @ South Maui Homes | May 4, 2018

How Long Do You Keep Files? CloudHQ Email to PDF

This is a product review for services received/used by CloudHQ Email to PDF.

There are many things we Realtors need to do as part of our services.  One of them is record keeping of a transaction.  A Real Estate Agent needs to keep documents relating to a transaction for 3 years at the minimum.

“A licensed real estate broker shall retain for three years copies of all listings, deposit receipts, canceled checks, trust records, and other documents executed by him or her or obtained by him or her in connection with any transactions for which a real estate broker license is required.”

This includes emails during the transactions to be kept on file.  Downloading each email or printing each one as we get them isn’t very time efficient.  So I ended up using the services of CloudHQ Email to PDF services.  It let me merge all my emails in regards to a transaction into 1 PDF file to download or print at the end of each transaction.  The other handy thing about it is that it will automatically gather all the attached files in the transaction, and merge them into a zip file, which is then downloaded.

There are quite a few benefits to do this, and the biggest reason is for client information protection.  Once files are printed, we can removed the digital copy so that should the account become compromised in the future, the data is no longer there.  In this day an age where even the strongest of passwords can eventually be bypassed, taking additional steps to protect client information is always plus.

Another reason is that once the files are removed from the email account, it frees up quite a bit of space.  Transactions can take up quite a bit of data including contracts, pictures, floorplans, videos, walk throughs etc.  Cleaning out the inbox of clutter is the best way to make sure we don’t miss important communication from our clients, past present and future.

Overall I would have to say the product is very easy to use, and has enable me to service my clients more efficiently because of it.


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